It took a while, but in June 2022 the internet arrived in Forest Coalpit. And as soon as it got here, we got the biggest bit of string we could.

So now Like Work but Different has full fibre broadband with 1Gigabit download speed. More than enough for streaming, videocalls, MMORPG, VR and more…

With these speeds, work happens faster, so there’s even more time to enjoy the countryside and the local wildlife…

Red Kite

Stay and work in Wales

Many people are enjoying working from home – no commute, no need to dress smartly, more time with the family. And instead of working from home, in fact many of us can work from anywhere.

There’s now an option here at Like Work But Different to make this place your home for a week or so. With your own comfortable accommodation including workspace, cooking facilities and the Brecon Beacons on your doorstep, you can continue working but with a change of scenery.

The full accommodation listing, availability and details of what’s included are available on AirBNB but for a package please contact us to book direct. (And get a VAT receipt.)

See you soon!

WFH in the age of Coronavirus

“May you live in interesting times…”

Isn’t that an ancient Chinese curse? The times are surely interesting… and uncertain, and scary.

Essential workers are allowed to move around. And while they do, they are putting themselves at risk. For others, who are unable to work, or who have been told to self isolate/quarantine, even more uncertainty and fear. And the rest? For us, working from home has become the new normal.

I confess that this has made very little difference to how we work here. The pattern of the day is relatively unchanged. A walk to work around the farm to check on the sheep, followed by checking and responding to emails. A Skype/Zoom call or two, then getting stuck into spreadsheets, website changes, the next marketing campaign, or coding a new feature for a customer.

Coffee time is a chance to catch up and maybe review what each of us is doing, although it’s easier to look out at spring emerging on the mountains. We aren’t alone, because there are others who are in isolation and working here too (our daughters). One a technology consultant from London. The other a Business Analyst who is teaching herself to code.

Then we go back to our webinars or conference calls. We’re all working to different schedules, with different priorities, but the community is buzzing…

By contrast, outside the birds don’t seem to have got the hang of social distancing at all. Buzzards and kites, wagtails and wrens, dunnocks and robins, woodpeckers and blackbirds. All hunting for food and early scouting for nest sites before the migrating birds arrive as the weather improves. Nothing changes – but everything is new…