We’re Ready

After a busy month of moving, painting and cleaning, the Like Work But Different office is now ready for our beta testers.

Here are some pictures of the office. And yes, we are about to get some professional shots done!

This is the main office, set out in ‘boardroom’ style.

Theater-style, it can take up to 20, boardroom-style, up to 12 people. See here ready for an 8-person meeting)

If you’d like a personal desk, here’s one set-up in the sunny corner:

..and here’s the view:

And when you really need a coffee, or just somewhere else to sit, there’s the kitchen:

 Enough space for a meeting/workshop for up to 8 people.

And finally, for the indoors bit, the conservatory, currently setup just as a setting room:

So that’s it – ready to start adding more information to the website!

Spring in the mountains

It’s March in the mountains, but the weather doesn’t seem to be reading the script, so we are sitting here surrounded by snow. Yesterday was the first time we managed to get out – we’d been snowed in for 5 days – but had plenty of supplies and we stayed snug and warm.

However today, just as the thaw has started, the water supply finally decided to play up. Nothing too serious, just a pipe that had come loose. All fixed in a few minutes.

But to find, diagnose and fix the problem we had to get all togged up with wellies and warm gear, find a selection of tools plus the short wave radios and then set off to the spring to sort it – navigating snow drifts and hidden obstacles as we went. A nice diversion from the desk and a bona fide excuse to get out and enjoy some fresh air.

And we bumped into a neighbour on the way back and caught up with some community news.