What’s here?

Be refreshed. Be inspired.

Set in 45 acres of mountain, with woods, fields, lakes and more, there’s plenty of space to create a place just right for you and your team. With free parking and full disabled access, this purpose built conference and office facility is truly unique.

The Hive

As you’d expect, we have meeting rooms. One large one, and two smaller ones. Plus a terrace for a small amount of fresh air

But that’s just the start.

It’s a pain when you need to have a quiet chat with someone, and there’s no meeting rooms free.

We thought so. That’s why we’ve created some outdoor meeting spaces, for your exclusive use.

Here are some of the locations. We move them about, so we don’t get bored with the view..

The Orchard

Here you can sit amongst a ‘hive’ of activity. Apple and pear trees, insects, birds and mammals, with occasional human intervention, growing a harvest of delicious fruit.

The Mountain

On higher ground, the vistas open up and the sky’s the limit. Let your thinking be unconstrained…

The Cwm

A naturally formed grassy amphitheatre, surrounded by native trees. Ancient oak, ash, holly and beech trees form the backdrop to a hillside of newly planted hazel, willow, birch, thorn, rose and other species for pollinators. The old and the new, side by side.

Wood and Water

If your thoughts or conversations would benefit from a walk, why not wander through our woods and fields or alongside the streams or ponds? Ponder how our ancestors harnessed these natural sources of energy and be inspired.

So don’t stay indoors. Come out and enjoy the sights and sounds of the mountains.

Catering, inside or out:

  • Fresh spring water provided
  • Tea, Coffee, Biscuits, cakes, lunches available – from local providers
  • Flasks, reusable water bottles – so you can have your meeting wherever you like

Things to do

Our visitors tell us that LWBD is an interesting place. So why not find out more about it whilst you’re here. It could be a welcome distraction from your meeting. All these are by prior arrangement:

  • Nick, our naturalist, will guide you on a walk around the farm. Not far in distance, but a revelation. See a whole new world through the eyes of a real expert
  • Ian can show you all the green stuff we do:
    • Micro-hydro, PV and biomass boiler
    • Water
    • Environmental schemes
    • The War on Bracken
    • Trees – large and small, old and new
  • Jackie can introduce you to the world of bee-keeping.


When you’ve explored the farm, why not go a bit further? See our detailed maps for a range of walks, starting and finishing at the farm.