The Hive

Meeting spaces:


Oak is our main meeting room, with views on 3 sides up, down and across the valley, and you can open the sliding doors to extend onto the terrace too.

There is a projector on the longest wall, and a screen opposite.

max capacity = 20

  • Single space 13m x 4.3m (avg), but can be subdivided into 3
  • Opens to terrace.

You can arrange the room however you like, but here are just a few possible layouts:

  • Theatre style
  • Classroom style
  • Conference style
  • Banquet style


The beech meeting room has an all-glass wall, and views down the valley and over the Sugarloaf mountain.
It can be arranged as a breakout room for 2-6 people, or as a sitting room for coffee and a chat. 

  • 2.3m x 4.4m
  • Opens to terrace


  • The Ash meeting room also doubles as your kitchen, but has flipcharts and whiteboards, so can be used as an additional breakout space.
  • 4.4m x 4.4m
  • Capacity 6-8
  • includes refreshments/food prep area
  • opens to driveway


  • Benches/Tables

Movable items:

  • White board/flip charts
  • Tables/desks
  • Seating
  • Sofas
  • Screens (available on request)