Finding us

Finding the LWBD office is not quite as simple as ‘enter the postcode, and let the satnav do the rest’. This is deep countryside, where postcodes are BIG. Ours straddles both sides of the valley, and is in two counties.

PS before you program the satnav, read on a little further.

We recommend you use What 3 Words. Using this really cunning bit of technology, the precise location of the gate which gives access to the office parking area is

Note: there is NO MOBILE SIGNAL for 2 miles around the farm, so you won’t be able to rely on the interweb to guide you though the last few miles. We suggest you download a map.

Getting here.

Part of the LWBD vision is to try – in a low-key, non-preaching kind of way – to be a bit more environmentally aware. So here are some suggestions about how to get to us:

  • Driving – If you are driving to a meeting with other people, then please car share. We have 45 acres of ground, so we’re not short of parking spaces, it just makes more sense to share. And it means that someone can navigate whilst someone else drives. P.S. for electric car users (apart from Tesla), there is a rapid charger available.
  • Public transport – there is a train station in Abergavenny, which is only 5 miles away. Half an hour on a bike, and a pretty route. Or, by arrangement, we can come and pick you up from the station, and drop you back when you’re done. There are also buses to Llanvihangel-Crucorney , which is about 2 1/2 mile away. Again, by arrangement, we can come and pick you up – they have phone signal there, lucky people.
  • CyclingNational Cycle Route 42 passes nearby, so if you’re a cyclist why not commute to work by bike? (PS The Black Mountains Cycle Centre is a short bike ride away too.)
  • Walking – we’re about 100m from the Beacons Way, so why not make this excellent long-distance walk part of your experience? Look at the ‘day 2’ map – we’re at the right-hand side, just where the route stops going south, and turns west.