Green policies

At Like Work But Different, we’re naturally keen to protect our local and wider environment, and we’d like to encourage you to do the same.

But we won’t preach. It’s just what we do, and we hope you’ll join in as well.

Here are a few suggestions for how you can help us to help our environment:

  • When you travel here, please either come via public transport (we’ll pick you up from the train station in Abergavenny) or car-share. (We hope to have an electric car charging point shortly.)
  • All our power is made on site, but we’d like to have some left over to put into the grid. So please be considerate.
  • Also water. We have lots, but it still comes from our local environment, so use it sensibly. Oh, and if you leave a tap running and go out for the day, then you’ll probably empty the tank, which is a real pain.
  • Heating. We have a biomass boiler, but that doesn’t mean we don’t try to save heat.
  • Plastics and waste: we all have enough single-use plastics to last us a lifetime, so please don’t bring us any more. If you’d like to take some water on your walk, we’ll provide re-usable containers for you.
  • Litter. Despite being in a National Park, we still get litter dropped by roads and footpaths. Not much, but it’s still annoying. So do like we do – when you go for a walk, borrow a rubbish bag from us, and see what you can find.
  • Local Produce: we try to source as much as we can locally, so if you need something for your visit, contact us, and we’ll see if we can find it from a local business.
  • Zero packaging. We’re lucky to have a local zero-packaging shop in Crickhowell, which we encourage you to visit. And don’t forget to take your own containers!