Like Work But Different – a different kind of workplace

At  LWBD, we offer you a unique location to work. We want your time here to be productive and inspiring, and there is no better place than here in the heart of the countryside.

We have all the facilities you’d expect from a ‘normal’ office location – whiteboards and projectors, coffee and parking, but there’s more to an office than facilities.

What we offer is inspiration. A chance to get away from your usual location, and take in the beautiful countryside. Listen to the birds, smell the flowers, and soak up the atmosphere.

If the weather is suitable, just sit down at one of the tables we have hidden around the farm, and work right there. We’ll  give you some flasks of coffee, and maybe even Welsh cakes.

 And if sitting down doesn’t appeal, then have a walk around. We have 45 acres of our own ground to explore, and we’re right in the heart of the Black Mountains, in the Brecon Beacons National Park, so there are lots of great walks, right from the office door.

So make your workday the best possible, and give yourself an experience you will remember forever.

That’s the difference at Like Work But Different.